My secret to surviving a rough day


This year, I commit myself to this prayer:
“Lord, I acknowledge that adversities, pain and trials are all part of life. I know these won’t be resolved overnight, and this is what I ask of you: that you give me the strength sufficient for today to survive the pain, the heaviness that comes with it, the adversities that I will face for the day and the longings that I feel in my heart be filled by You.”

Every night I thank God for the strength He has given me each day. I may have experienced a time when I’m all down tired, exhausted and very emotional at my bed, but I praise God still for I know He carried me throughout the day. Yes, I may feel drained, but that is when I was more dependent to God and believe me, I was left crying whenever I witness God’s strength being made perfect at my weakness.

I remember a day when I was on my way home. I was commuting by myself and as I waited to ride the bus, I was already feeling very tired from a long walk to the nearest bus stop. Finally, I found my bus. Yay! I was standing though for roughly an hour. I’m a bit of a princess (haha!), so long minutes of standing plus my already tired mind and body made me felt triple the “exhausted-ness”. When I had a seat to occupy, my head started to ache and all I want to do that time is just lay flat and sleep. I felt like I don’t even have the strength to stand and walk and take another jeep ride.

I still recall how I was trying to push myself into holding on for a few more minutes and man was I so grateful that I got home.

That’s the thing about life. Sometimes it drains the juiciest part of our being — may it be our emotions, our physical stamina, our capacity to think clearly and and so much more. But the most amazing opportunity that we are given is this: Ask God to strengthen us and He will. Not so we can boast for our sake, but so we can boast of the strength that comes from God alone. For His glory!

God provides us strength that is just enough until we reach back our “refill station”.

– J xx


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