A huge overthinking brain

I’ll admit it. If there is a word that would describe me perfectly it’s over-thinker. Oh yes, I am! I have my game on when it comes to overthinking. And yes, it do benefit me at times, which is good. But at times, it puts everything of me down.

Right now, I am pleased to share to you what God has been impressing on me since last night.

A couple days before, I read an article regarding the problems of an “over-thinker”. Most of the points laid out shows that people, like me, who overthink get too occupied that we go wild with situations. It happened to me, and I think, if I don’t take this matter seriously, it will continue to happen.

As God deals this issue in my life, He opened my eyes to this one thing (which is VERY essential) that I am missing out.

It’s simply this: When I overthink a lot, I miss out on the opportunity to spend time thinking about things and processing those that really matter.

Yeah. If you didn’t know, I’ll tell you that I am a combination of “over-thinker” and “easily distracted”. Hmm, not a very good combination eh? Here I am, on a car, sitting and thinking (or overthinking) something that happened to me, trying to analyze what God is teaching me. Of course, I just had to go to every details that I have read or heard as a way of reflection. That is when distraction comes along. Every detail or every thing that didn’t sound or look right was a chance for me to overthink. And so there goes my main reason of reflection. I became very distracted with overthinking less important things that I didn’t get to process what God is teaching me.

Let’s take this as an example:
I was learning about “being dependent on God”. As I reflect through the times that I am or am not dependent on God, I get distracted by this instance when I heard something from someone at work, which for me has no connection with what I am processing at the moment. Things just pops up in my mind and distracts me. And it is not easy for me to get back on reflecting. Sometimes I’m fooled by my own thinking that I already learned something out of that situation. Sometimes I sleep at night thinking that everything for today worked out really well. But when time comes that I will be reminded by a certain matter and I’d try to recall the lesson from that, I’d have nothing to recall. It was an unfinished cycle. The process was incomplete just because I failed to get the main lesson out of it.

Well, this is just dangerous!

When we don’t know what God is teaching us at all, we don’t get to apply anything intentionally in our life. It’s like you entered a class having the intention to listen to the lesson. You then end up sitting down and being distracted with other things in the room. And so, the lesson the teacher is telling you gets totally missed out. Now tell me, how am I going to apply all the lesson the teacher is telling me, if I won’t take the time to process it?

Tough eh?

This became a call for me to if not stop, lessen my overthinking, by doing so, me being distracted will lessen along the way. This way I get to process what God is really teaching me in every situation, in every experience, in every joy and happiness, in every sorrow and tears, and basically with every thing.

As my mantra for the year goes: “ONE DAY AT A TIME”

You don’t have to rush this as much as I don’t have to. And it’s comforting to know that Jesus is with me (and you) along this process. I know He is.



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