86,400 seconds of 8th of January

Each year, every 8th of January, I celebrate the blessing of a new year added into my life. Yesterday, my birthday turned out to be an extra special one. Why? I wasn’t really expecting an extraordinary day at all just because I was practically celebrating every 8th of January and I kind of feel like there’s just enough celebration. Hahaha, I know right! But yeah, as I said, it turned out to be amazing.

I wasn’t expecting to wake up having a cute little male Shih Tzu at the end of my blanket. They tried so hard to wake me up and greet me happy birthdays, and I was like “Thank you” with my eyes still closed and my lips formed into a smirk. Well, I keep on trying to get back to sleep and they keep trying to tell me to look. Then, eventually I did and that’s when I saw Cooper and since I was still very, very sleepy, the excitement didn’t seem to show itself in me. I was really happy though, but I just woke up, so have some considerations, people. Haha. I was brought to my feet after uttering a morning prayer, and I played with my new baby Cooper.

Birthday morning self-ehhh! :D
Birthday morning self-ehhh! 😀

Unfortunately, even though it’s our birthday, we still have to go to work. It was kind of difficult to leave the little toy, but I just had to. So, off I go to work. My travel to work became a means for me to respond to all the Facebook greetings. It was overwhelming. And when I got into the office, I proceed on to my usual work. After a few more hours had passed, I went out for lunch. Since it’s my birthday, I decided not to bring my packed lunch and try out a vegan restaurant named Corner Tree Cafe.

I know what you’re thinking, I’m not vegan. I love meat. I just wanted to try out new places to enjoy delicious meals.

Then during the afternoon, my teammates bought me a cake and we just enjoyed a quick snack before we get back to our own respective workstations.

ELT Team
Not all of my teammates are in the picture, because that day was a really busy day for everyone.
Here's my birthday cake.
Here’s my birthday cake.

After office, I had dinner with some of my friends which are my officemates as well, and guess what? I convinced them to try Corner Tree Cafe, too. We had some meals and then tried their vegan ice cream.

Then, after that we all went to our respective homes.

As for my birthday gifts, I got…

Cooper, my lovely, clingy and always sleeping puppy.




This one is given by a good friend along with a pen. He knows I love to write, hence the gift. Purple is one of my favorite color. Pink is… okay, I guess. Thank you for this! 🙂

IMG_5334 IMG_5337 IMG_5335This black notebook is more of a diary. This is from one of my church’s growth group which is very dear to me. I would be able to definitely use this this year. Thank you!


With all the excitements and unexpected things today, I am grateful for this verse that my discipler has sent me.

Isaiah 42:9 ESV

“Behold, the former things have come to pass, and new things I now declare; before they spring forth I tell you of them.”

Indeed, God has made me new this January 2015. God was very sweet to place a turn around during my birthday. He surprised me and made me unconditionally happy. I am looking forward to what is in store for my twenty second year.

Aaaand to blow the candle…

Happy birthday, 3 years old me.

Much love,

– J ❤


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