Holiday’s here…aaaaand it’s gone

So much of all the yoohoos and yeheys. Vacation has come to an end. I’m again back to the wake-up-early-and-go-to-work reality. The alarms on my iPhone are enabled again, ugh! Hahaha. Yet, I am indeed very grateful for the holidays that served as a breather from work (and other mind bugling thoughts). You need that once in a while, yeah?

As per the summary of my holidays, I pretty much enjoyed spending time with my family, relatives and some of my batchmates from college.





And it sound kind of weird for me but I feel excitement to go back to work again. That feeling that you are refueled is badly on me right now, I guess. This only mean that I will be busy thinking about work again and less about the “fuzz”. I guess that’s why I’m filled with the thrill.

I really, really hope that I would be able to spend time posting on my blog this year, because the last time I said it…meh. Haha. Fingers-crossed this 2015! May I be fueled with the creative and artistic mind that will generate lively blog entries throughout the year.

I am all the more waiting excitedly at how God will accomplished the plans He has written for me this 2015. Hooray! 😉

– J ❤


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